It’s no secret that dining out with the whole family can be pretty expensive; even if family discounts are applicable. This can often lead many parents to opt to stay at home and cook a meal on a budget, but there’s no denying that eating out together can be a very enjoyable time. When choosing a family restaurant, there are a few important factors to think about before reaching a decision – especially if you have kids.

Family-friendly environment

Most establishments will have already switched out smoking facilities for family-friendly features, so if you have kids this can be a very important thing to look out for. Small children will need to be entertained, so a restaurant with pencils and colouring books is a must. For older children, a playground can be a great solution – and for parents and adults being able to sit near to a television can make all of the difference.

Affordable meals and drinks

There aren’t many people that will be happy to spend a fortune on drinks, snacks and meals. A good restaurant will try to find a balance between affordable food and quality services – and this is something that a reputable eatery will make obvious from the offset. Just a quick phone call to check prices, or to request a menu can help – and you could do so for several establishments until you find the right one for your needs.


Parking spaces, easy access and secure facilities are a must – especially where a family is concerned. Whether you’re keen to park your car in the safety of a monitored bay, if you have a disabled family member that will need to use ramps and easy access points, or if you’d just like to find a restaurant that is accessible and open every day – it’s easy to make a few calls, visit the restaurant’s website, or get to know a little more about their facilities online.